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Established for over 100 years - keeping power flowing
208 Gidlow Lane | Wigan | Lancashire | WN6 7BN | Tel: 01942 241333

The Corlett Electrical Company Ltd came into existence on the 2nd April, 1892, when Mr George Corlett bought out his business partner to become the sole proprietor.


It is believed that Mr Corlett was involved in a foundry, and provided early street lighting in Wigan.

Over the years, the company has changed ownership, but has always kept the Corlett name and maintained a high reputation as electrical engineers.

One of our current clients has a plaque on their premises, dating from 1933, for electrical work undertaken by Corletts. Eighty years later, and Corletts are still providing a service for that client: that’s what we call stability in the business!

Corlett Electrical Engineering Ltd began in its current form in 1981. Our directors came on board in 1985 and 1987 respectively, accumulating between them more than 50 years of experience. Like all of Corlett’s staff, they started at ground level, giving them insider knowledge of all aspects of the business.

We have always believed in apprenticeships, and try to take on new apprentices every year. They are, of course, fully supervised by experienced electrical engineers throughout their training. We know that the best way to guarantee knowledgeable and reliable staff is to oversee training, and offer a great place to work. We see the results of this approach with excellent staff retention at all levels.

With Corletts, you are getting the benefit of all of these years of good practice and reliability.

And for the future? We are looking forward to going from strength to strength, following the need for green energy by concentrating on systems which save power and work efficiently. The best way of saving energy is to make your use as efficient as it can possibly be, we can help with this and would look forward to discussing it further with you.